Medical Billing And Collections

Of course you want to maximize your revenue, reduce your expenses, increase your collections, and improve the efficiency of your medical practice? E Medical Billing Services is a great choice. Medical billing issues are becoming an increasing problem for physicians. This can negatively impact their practice and hamper their revenue. A billing company can help you revive your revenue and turn your clinic into a successful practice. No more worries about your billing and collection problems!! Acting as an extension of your office staff, E Medical Billing provides a flexible array of services to meet your specific needs, including:

  • • Medical Coding (CPT, HCPCS and ICD-CM9 /10)
  • • Eligibility & Benefits Verification
  • • Authorization Request and Tracking
  • • Patient Demographics Entry
  • • Charge Entry— Multi-specialties
  • • Electronic & Paper Claims Submission
  • • Posting of Insurance & Patient Payments
  • • Posting of Insurance & Patient Payments
  • • Extensive Insurance Follow-Up
  • • Regular Patient Follow-Up
  • • Secondary Insurance Billing
  • • Patient Statement Processing & Mailing
  • • Denial Review & Management
  • • Appeal of All Denied and Low-Paid Claims
  • • Old Account Receivables Recovery
  • • Assistance with Provider Enrollment
  • • Customized Management Reports

Regardless of the size of your client’s practice, from solo practitioner to large multi-specialty physician group, we have the expertise and resources to increase your cash flow and reduce your operating expenses. We see ourselves as an extension of your office staff, one that’s as motivated by success as you are.

Consultancy Services

E Medical Billing Regulatory Consultancy Services

We provide end-to-end medical billing services that help our clients in reducing their expenses and increasing the reimbursements. Our medical billing services include, but not limited to healthcare revenue cycle management, accounts receivable management, medical coding outsourcing, indexing medical records, insurance eligibility verification, physician credentialing and data conversion. Moreover, we achieve accuracy, eliminate flaws and have greater process control as well as efficiency.

To meet any regulatory challenge successfully, you first need to ask yourself:

  • • Have you created a viable conversion strategy and roadmap?
  • • What will be the business and technical outcomes of this regulatory shift?
  • • How will your workflow, revenue stream and other operational systems be impacted?
  • • Do you have the needed technical and human resources available to successfully make this transition?
  • • What team members and internal stakeholders will require training?
  • • What time frame is required for this transition?

E Medical Billing coaching services can help you answer all of these questions

An established leader in regulatory compliance, E Medical Billing will help empower clinicians to move ahead of the curve with comprehensive tools and dedicated services. Leveraging best practices and deep domain expertise, we will outline a phased migration strategy for you, designed to accelerate your compliance with minimum disruption to your workflow and revenue stream.

Our range of services includes:

  • • Meaningful Use Stage 2 advisory services
  • • ICD-10 transition services
  • • PQRS planning and management

Let us help you achieve and maintain a compliant workflow

Every health care organization needs to proactively plan and strategize on how best to meet these upcoming challenges. But with planning and vision, you can transform these regulatory necessities into competitive advantages for your practice. We will be with you on every step of this journey.

Data Management

Entering information quickly and accurately is critical to ensuring clean claims. This is the first step towards securing accurate and quick reimbursement. Our data entry teams work in several areas:

  • Demographic Information:

    The first step to getting a clean claim is ensuring that demographic information is entered into the system correctly.

  • Charge Entry:

    Charges from an encounter form or coded visit are entered into the software by our staff..

  • Data Validation:

    Today’s technology allows companies to scan information and then use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to populate data fields into various systems. Our “Data Validation” team checks to ensure that the information is complete and accurate.

Accounts Receivable Management

The E medical billing team categorizes Accounts Receivable Management into three distinct functions for its physician and hospital revenue cycle management clients:

  • Denials Processing:

    Correspondence and denied claims are processed in daily batches by our team of experienced billing personnel. Taking a proactive approach to handling denials, we can improve your “days in AR” substantially. Claims Follow-up Unpaid claims are first sorted and ordered by financial class. Then, our employees in this unit call on the appropriate insurance companies or self-pay patients (if requested) to aggressively resolve any non-payment issues.