About Us

E MEDICAL BILLING is a leading provider of healthcare information technology solutions to physician practices throughout the US. Our core business is to provide medical billing services to practices of all sizes. Our goal is to simplify the medical billing process and improve efficiencies to ultimately increase revenues for our clients. Our technological solutions are designed to aid physician practices cost-effectively and successfully meet regulatory challenges while focusing on quality of care. Our comprehensive medical billing services help you reduce your fixed expenses, while gaining access to our staff of revenue cycle specialists whose sole focus is optimizing your revenue. Using advanced technology, that queues the work, applies edits to catch errors early in the process, and keeps cycle time to a minimum, we provide a process that is proven to provide optimal, prompt reimbursement.

What We Do

We provide end-to-end medical billing services that help our clients in reducing their expenses and increasing the reimbursements. Our medical billing services include, but not limited to healthcare revenue cycle management, accounts receivable management, medical coding outsourcing, indexing medical records, insurance eligibility verification, physician credentialing and data conversion. Moreover, we achieve accuracy, eliminate flaws and have greater process control as well as efficiency.

Our Vision

To be the ‘partner of choice’ for Medical Billing Outsourcing services to Healthcare companies and medical practices.

Our Mission

Our mission serves as building blocks for our organization and enumerates the very purpose for our existence as an organization To achieve revenue maximization for our clients To provide competitive advantage to our clients with quality services at competitive prices To strengthen our client's performance by continuous innovation, best-in-class solutions and customer service To be identified as the best outsourcing partner in the healthcare revenue cycle management business

Phase l

  • First phase of ICD-10 awareness for all coders
  • ICD-10 project manager completes AHIMA certification
  • Charter extensive training plan share with clients
  • Organize ICD-10 training resources-books and subscriptions

Phase ll

  • Second phase of ICD-10 awareness for all Employes
  • In-depth training to all omega coding trainers and internal certification

Phase lll

  • Advanced training to coders on Anatomy & Patho-physiology
  • Blended approach of class room learning management system tools
  • Detailed ICD-10 training to cover general code set and complete guidlines

Phase lV

  • Pre-implementation knowledge assessment
  • Continuous assessment of knowledge levels on a monthly basis using simulation models
  • Partner with Omega clients on ICD test program / test labs
  • Dual coding of ICD-9 and ICD-10 for all clients and gap analysis